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Lesker U Live! is series of free webinars spanning many topics taught by leading vacuum experts.

Lesker U provides the following:

  • High-value vacuum expert training
  • A solid base of understanding surrounding vacuum technology
  • Deep dives on specific vacuum technology topics

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Vacuum Gauge Technology: An Overview of Pressure Control for Vacuum Systems

The control of pressure in vacuum systems can be critical to the achievement of process parameters necessary for certain vacuum-enabled processes. While application like thin film deposition by thermal and e-beam evaporation are enhanced by extremely low operating pressures, other techniques, like sputtering and certain chemical processes, can only be accomplished at pressures which are significantly HIGHER than the base pressure achievable by a high vacuum pumping system. The control of pressure in vacuum can be achieved by a variety of techniques. In this webinar several techniques will be described, with examples, to control operating pressure in vacuum. Both manual and automated techniques will be discussed as they apply to various applications.

Duration: 1,25 Hour(s)

Expert(s): Evan Sawyer

Evan Sawyer is the Global Product Manager for Instrumentation and Pressure Measurement at the Kurt J Lesker Company. With a background in Chemistry, Evan is one of KJLC's product experts and specializes in chemical compatibility / reactivity, pressure measurement, pressure control, and gas analysis. Evan's talents have enabled him to contribute to many different system designs and upgrades for his global clientele. His skills also include troubleshooting instrumentation issues and the creation of technical documentation for his products to further assist the scientific community.



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